tunes for tuesday: goldroom

…aaaaand cue a strong craving for beach towns and driving around with your besties…


while i was out…


{ i love the sentiment of this emily dickinson quote, don’t you? }

i know, i know. it’s been a while since i’ve gotten the chance to post on the blog. but, a picture’s worth a thousand words, and i’ve got a few pictures for all of you, courtesy of the big-girl canon rebel t3i that i bought a couple weeks back and am mildly obsessed with {yay, yay, YAY!!} . so this post is going to be relatively fashion/style-free but it will give you a peek into what i’ve been up to since spring has sprung in here in boulder. let’s just say i’m starting to love this town and the adventures in my backyard more and more!


{the gratuitous instagram snaps // faking french for a party: no, that’s not a real cigarette, but yes i drank beaucoup champagne // so, so happy with my new camera, and also the flatirons // first swim in the pool! always a highlight // stepping out for sundaes at 7:30 pm, and loving that the sun was still shining }


{ one of our favorite walks with the dog: pretty views and wide open spaces + swimming! }


{ best pup in the whole wide world }


{ love the bright hues of the mountain flowers right now… all the rain paid off! }

two trends to try this spring

a couple trends have really caught my eye and stuck with me this spring: the printed lounge pant and all things tweed. usually, both these things give me all sorts of fashion anxiety and i would never be caught dead with either of them. but lately… lately… something keeps drawing me back into their weird vortex.

here’s my first issue with patterned lounge pants: the light fabric (usually silky) and the wild prints lead me to believe that i am wearing sleepwear. i do NOT want to be wearing my pajamas in public. sweatpants, maybe, if it’s sunday and i’m hungover or particularly scrubby. but pajama bottoms/boxer shorts/nighties NEVER. but for some reason this spring’s crop of printed lounge pants seem super gorgeous and a little art deco-y, and i want a pair.

my issue with tweed: i am not, nor do i intend to become, a professor, an old man with greying hair, or a grocer (don’t ask me about the grocer part, i’ve just always associated groceries with old men and tweed). but the tweed this season is all bright and fresh and frequently infused with some kind of glitter. it’s appearing in shoes, pants, skirts, jackets, vests, dresses, and tee shirts. the only place i haven’t seen tweed is in underwear… yet. 

anyway, this is what i came up with to pull off these trends and avoid looking like an elderly gentleman who forgot to put on real pants disaster…



rebecca taylor // j. crew // joie // kate spade

here’s the plan: pair the floaty bottoms with something more structured (a tweed jacket!) and a piece that’s professional (a silk blouse with oxford styling) so that you look pulic-appropriate. i kept to a simple flat sandal for neutralities sake, but made sure that it was more stylized than a casual flip flop to keep with the ‘grown up’ look of the jacket/blouse combo. by having the whole ensemble in a cohesive color palette (blues and whites), neither the pattern of the pants or the texture of the tweed became too overwhelming. i’d probably wear bright lipstick and carry a metallic bag to liven the whole thing up a bit. 

what do you think? are you headed out to pick up some tweed and loungers of your own??

a love affair with a dress…

…or, the story of why there is drool all over my keyboard…

check out this dress:



i mean, come on! Clover Canyon always has the most genius mixing of prints in a body conscious, curve enhancing, sex appeal increasing way, but i’m absolutely dying over this exclusive dress for Revolve Clothing. The Endless Summer print is so fun and quirky while the back pattern is va-va-voom without being impossible to wear. if i had my way, i’d style this dress with a light denim jacket and a pair of bright, fun, tall heels.

what do you do when a dress stops you in your tracks? i know it’s all i can do not to whip out my credit card for this thing…and possibly also this and this. Clover Canyon is doing everything perfectly right now!

it’s friday!



let’s take a minute to appreciate this pink. so bright, so happy, so celebratory! exactly describes how i’m feeling heading into the weekend. maybe it’s cause we have friends visiting this weekend, or the fact the sun’s been shining, or just that everything is good right now…. but, did somebody say champagne?? cheers. 


background image

big bling

i’m a simple jewelry kind of gal. i wear the same pieces (gold and silver, delicate) about 95% of the time. i love it. it’s easy, it goes with everything (even workout clothes), and if i want to jazz it up i sometimes will add a variation on the delicate gold necklace or the stud earrings. 

but i guess sometimes that’s boring. big pieces of jewelry have been catching my eye lately, all that sparkle, probably, and seem more and more appealing as part of an everyday wardrobe. i’m certainly loving the collection of earrings below. sure, they are way more bold than my typical adornment, but they still feel so me. and isn’t that what styling is all about?



dean davidson // tinley road // lulu frost // rada // lulu frost // gemma redux

…i think i feel a new obsession coming over me….

spring styles

i was perusing shopbop the other night, dreaming about springtime weather and springtime styles, as it was dumping snow here in good ol’ colorado. if april showers bring may flowers than april snowstorms bring may…..? i guess it’ll be a surprise!

anyway, there are a few pieces i found that felt decidedly spring-ish to me: the white dress, the almost hippie maxi skirt, and updated denim. white dresses are perfect for spring events like mother’s day brunches and graduations, and are great for layering with cute cardigans and bright heels and jewels. i love a good maxi dress, so a skirt of the same nature is not a huge reach for me (and i’m not a skirt person!!). they can be super casual, with a crop top and sandals, but they can also be more formal when paired with a structured jacket and dressy wedges/heels. i LOVE denim, and in my book white is okay as soon as the weather warms up. floral is my current obsession, so of course i had to choose my favorite print for this post. and super light wash is really nice rolled up with some gladiators or flops. here are my picks from shopbop, what would yours be?


dolce vita // alice & olivia // PJK patterson j. kincaid (i think i’m having a bow moment with these dresses!)



clover canyon // splendid (perfection) // rachel pally


seven for all mankind // paige denim (obsessed) // AG adriano goldschmied



tunes for tuesday: lord huron

lord huron is a great indie/folky band that i found perusing the lineup for coachella this year. i hope someone i know who went to the festival got a chance to see them and can tell me how it was. i really enjoy their debut album ‘lonesome dreams’ that came out this past year. i love when album tracks seem to blend into one another and this one definitely does that. check out more of lord huron’s music here.

home inspirations

without jumping the gun, i think it’s safe to say that 2013 has already been a year full of change and personal growth. i’m starting to feel comfortable and settled in this new town: making new friends, struggling through a new job, and always having the pup and the man-friend by my side. for the first time in a while, i feel like i want to settle in and really make the space around me home-like, comfortable, and me. come in and stay a while, why don’t you? 

i shouldn’t be surprised, but i definitely underestimated the challenge that home decorating is. first of all, i spent a long time narrowing down what style home i wanted to have. just like how i have closet ADD, i feel like i could easily have decorating ADD. i knew i liked an eclectic look, but don’t want to feel overwhelmed. i want to feel happy and bright when i’m home, but calm and not cluttered. and because vince has to live here too, i want to make sure that he can be comfortable and represented in our shared space as well.

because we are just at the start of this process, i thought i’d share some photos of other designers’ work and various home goods that inspire me. i’m starting to realize that as a couple, we tend towards clean, modern lines, but with interesting colors and textures to jazz them up. whimsical mid century modern? overtime, i want to build a home that has a personality and a point of view: quirky and fun, but with longevity.


first is probably my favorite room of all time, Bri of Design Love Fest‘s gorgeous living room designed by Emily Henderson. I would die if she ever did my house. It’s so perfect! Livable, interesting, bright, charming, that amazing coffee table… should I keep going? There are more photo’s on both of their sites, and it’s just killer.


another amazing part of Bri’s house, with help from Emily. i just love it so much. i want it all. the print is amazing, and sets the tone for the color palette, while the dining room set is so clean and beautiful, and those rugs add just the right pop. i just want to eat it all. so good. (photo credit is from Bri’s site).


i think i have a theme with the minty green/blue sofas. this image is from Jonathan Adler‘s spring catalog. while i don’t think my own home would be this glamourous, i do like the feeling that this room evokes. it’s cheerful, and has a sense of humor. JA has the greatest decor accessories…


on a different note, i love the crispness of Bradley’s office from Luella & June. totally light and clean feeling. the pops of color are delectable too. i want to make a bold statement with certain pieces of furniture and definitely special works of art, but i’ll want to keep everything else calm and uniform. i like how Bradley did that here.


this is Lisa of Lulu Frost’s home, photographed for the Glitter Guide. that chair and i could run off into the sunset. i love the lines and the how masculine it looks. i’m also totally digging the bright picasso print angled on the ground and the complex bookshelf styling. i’m realizing that little details is what makes a home’s style unique and truly yours.

any suggestions as i embark on this journey? i have a feeling it’s going to be a never ending process… and i’ll keep you all posted along the way!