while i was out…


{ i love the sentiment of this emily dickinson quote, don’t you? }

i know, i know. it’s been a while since i’ve gotten the chance to post on the blog. but, a picture’s worth a thousand words, and i’ve got a few pictures for all of you, courtesy of the big-girl canon rebel t3i that i bought a couple weeks back and am mildly obsessed with {yay, yay, YAY!!} . so this post is going to be relatively fashion/style-free but it will give you a peek into what i’ve been up to since spring has sprung in here in boulder. let’s just say i’m starting to love this town and the adventures in my backyard more and more!


{the gratuitous instagram snaps // faking french for a party: no, that’s not a real cigarette, but yes i drank beaucoup champagne // so, so happy with my new camera, and also the flatirons // first swim in the pool! always a highlight // stepping out for sundaes at 7:30 pm, and loving that the sun was still shining }


{ one of our favorite walks with the dog: pretty views and wide open spaces + swimming! }


{ best pup in the whole wide world }


{ love the bright hues of the mountain flowers right now… all the rain paid off! }

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