big bling

i’m a simple jewelry kind of gal. i wear the same pieces (gold and silver, delicate) about 95% of the time. i love it. it’s easy, it goes with everything (even workout clothes), and if i want to jazz it up i sometimes will add a variation on the delicate gold necklace or the stud earrings. 

but i guess sometimes that’s boring. big pieces of jewelry have been catching my eye lately, all that sparkle, probably, and seem more and more appealing as part of an everyday wardrobe. i’m certainly loving the collection of earrings below. sure, they are way more bold than my typical adornment, but they still feel so me. and isn’t that what styling is all about?



dean davidson // tinley road // lulu frost // rada // lulu frost // gemma redux

…i think i feel a new obsession coming over me….

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