two trends to try this spring

a couple trends have really caught my eye and stuck with me this spring: the printed lounge pant and all things tweed. usually, both these things give me all sorts of fashion anxiety and i would never be caught dead with either of them. but lately… lately… something keeps drawing me back into their weird vortex.

here’s my first issue with patterned lounge pants: the light fabric (usually silky) and the wild prints lead me to believe that i am wearing sleepwear. i do NOT want to be wearing my pajamas in public. sweatpants, maybe, if it’s sunday and i’m hungover or particularly scrubby. but pajama bottoms/boxer shorts/nighties NEVER. but for some reason this spring’s crop of printed lounge pants seem super gorgeous and a little art deco-y, and i want a pair.

my issue with tweed: i am not, nor do i intend to become, a professor, an old man with greying hair, or a grocer (don’t ask me about the grocer part, i’ve just always associated groceries with old men and tweed). but the tweed this season is all bright and fresh and frequently infused with some kind of glitter. it’s appearing in shoes, pants, skirts, jackets, vests, dresses, and tee shirts. the only place i haven’t seen tweed is in underwear… yet. 

anyway, this is what i came up with to pull off these trends and avoid looking like an elderly gentleman who forgot to put on real pants disaster…



rebecca taylor // j. crew // joie // kate spade

here’s the plan: pair the floaty bottoms with something more structured (a tweed jacket!) and a piece that’s professional (a silk blouse with oxford styling) so that you look pulic-appropriate. i kept to a simple flat sandal for neutralities sake, but made sure that it was more stylized than a casual flip flop to keep with the ‘grown up’ look of the jacket/blouse combo. by having the whole ensemble in a cohesive color palette (blues and whites), neither the pattern of the pants or the texture of the tweed became too overwhelming. i’d probably wear bright lipstick and carry a metallic bag to liven the whole thing up a bit. 

what do you think? are you headed out to pick up some tweed and loungers of your own??

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