home inspirations

without jumping the gun, i think it’s safe to say that 2013 has already been a year full of change and personal growth. i’m starting to feel comfortable and settled in this new town: making new friends, struggling through a new job, and always having the pup and the man-friend by my side. for the first time in a while, i feel like i want to settle in and really make the space around me home-like, comfortable, and me. come in and stay a while, why don’t you? 

i shouldn’t be surprised, but i definitely underestimated the challenge that home decorating is. first of all, i spent a long time narrowing down what style home i wanted to have. just like how i have closet ADD, i feel like i could easily have decorating ADD. i knew i liked an eclectic look, but don’t want to feel overwhelmed. i want to feel happy and bright when i’m home, but calm and not cluttered. and because vince has to live here too, i want to make sure that he can be comfortable and represented in our shared space as well.

because we are just at the start of this process, i thought i’d share some photos of other designers’ work and various home goods that inspire me. i’m starting to realize that as a couple, we tend towards clean, modern lines, but with interesting colors and textures to jazz them up. whimsical mid century modern? overtime, i want to build a home that has a personality and a point of view: quirky and fun, but with longevity.


first is probably my favorite room of all time, Bri of Design Love Fest‘s gorgeous living room designed by Emily Henderson. I would die if she ever did my house. It’s so perfect! Livable, interesting, bright, charming, that amazing coffee table… should I keep going? There are more photo’s on both of their sites, and it’s just killer.


another amazing part of Bri’s house, with help from Emily. i just love it so much. i want it all. the print is amazing, and sets the tone for the color palette, while the dining room set is so clean and beautiful, and those rugs add just the right pop. i just want to eat it all. so good. (photo credit is from Bri’s site).


i think i have a theme with the minty green/blue sofas. this image is from Jonathan Adler‘s spring catalog. while i don’t think my own home would be this glamourous, i do like the feeling that this room evokes. it’s cheerful, and has a sense of humor. JA has the greatest decor accessories…


on a different note, i love the crispness of Bradley’s office from Luella & June. totally light and clean feeling. the pops of color are delectable too. i want to make a bold statement with certain pieces of furniture and definitely special works of art, but i’ll want to keep everything else calm and uniform. i like how Bradley did that here.


this is Lisa of Lulu Frost’s home, photographed for the Glitter Guide. that chair and i could run off into the sunset. i love the lines and the how masculine it looks. i’m also totally digging the bright picasso print angled on the ground and the complex bookshelf styling. i’m realizing that little details is what makes a home’s style unique and truly yours.

any suggestions as i embark on this journey? i have a feeling it’s going to be a never ending process… and i’ll keep you all posted along the way!

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