tunes for tuesday: tanlines

let’s dance.


tunes for tuesday: lord huron

lord huron is a great indie/folky band that i found perusing the lineup for coachella this year. i hope someone i know who went to the festival got a chance to see them and can tell me how it was. i really enjoy their debut album ‘lonesome dreams’ that came out this past year. i love when album tracks seem to blend into one another and this one definitely does that. check out more of lord huron’s music here.


tunes for tuesday: blackbird blackbird

my newest musical obsession lately has been spotify and how easy it makes finding new music. i was listening to one of their radio stations the other day and guess how happy i was when this song came through my headphones? blackbird blackbird is the new-to-me musical stylings of Mikey Maramag, a San Fran based psychedelic musical machine. i’m loving the chill vibes for long days at work and it helps me remember that warm summer breezes are right around the corner.


tunes for tuesday: alabama shakes





the bonnaroo 2013 lineup came out today (and i can’t wait to buy my tickets). of course, this is bringing me back to happy memories of last year’s festival with a few of my best friends. one of the things i love about the music fest scene is the easy discovery of voices you hadn’t heard before. last summer, alabama shakes was one of those shows for me… i wonder what this year will have for us??


tunes for tuesday: wild nothing

Wild Nothing is a new-to-me  spotify find that i’ve been all over the past couple weeks. ‘Nocturne’ is their latest album from august of last year, and is chock full of that indie-pop stuff that i love. it’s easy listening without being flat, and i like it for everything from casual trail runs to coffee shop afternoons.


tunes for tuesday: bahamas

weird tropical vacation images aside, this song is pretty awesome and definitely a good sunshine-y song for what will hopefully be a great day.

my internal clock is all screwed up… boulder weather is so much more mild than new england that i think it’s spring already…