a long rant about personal style


sometimes i when i look into my closet i think that maybe i have a split personality disorder. my style changes drastically from summer to winter. i have outfits that only belong on the crazy summer music festival circuit and sweater sets so prim and proper that even grandma would think i was a prude. that’s why my focus this year is on creating my personal style. i’ve had a couple people ask me about this recently, so i decided to post some tips on how to find and curate your own look.

a few weeks ago, i posted a list of basic basics that i keep stocked in my closet at all times. your favorite pieces should be the core of your personal style, and having this list can help dictate the rest of your style. another trick is to figure out where you like to shop the most. is there a store or a designer you would purchase your clothes from 100% of the time if you could? is there a boutique that tends to be your budget’s worst nightmare because you love everything so much? that’s a good hint to what style is most appealing to you. a peak into your own closet also should point you in the direction of your personal style. is everything Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew? you’re probably more of a preppy kid. Is it all Free People and Urban Outfitters? maybe you’re more of a boho girl. all pants and no skirts like me? that’s ok. skirts don’t have to be your thing. the trick of personal style is that it’s personal. your closet probably won’t mirror your best friends’ exactly, and that’s ok.

for me, i find that i’m most comfortable in neutral colors, simple gold jewelry, and basic shapes that make great layering pieces. i like the occasional dress, usually simple like susana monaco, or a lacey Free People concoction. i tend to shy away from big bold prints on dresses and prefer stripes or delicate florals instead of geometric designs. i’ve realized i’m less inclined to wear jewel tones and almost always opt for whites,golds, and pastels instead. with the exception of my love affair with floral denim, i pretty much always keep my lower half simple and classic and experiment with patterns, trends, and color through blouses and jackets. i would probably call myself a whimsical classicist: i’ll probably never wear a polo shirt, but i also don’t only have wild on-trend outfits. 

keeping my personal style in mind has made shopping so much easier, i get less distracted by designs that i wouldn’t wear more than once, and can focus on putting my hard earned money into a closet full of clothes that i can wear over and over again and that mix and match pretty well.

of course, this doesn’t mean that style should stay stagnant. i will continue to buy crazy pieces that i just love and go completely against what i think my style is (that oversized howling wolf t-shirt will never be thrown out). and that’s ok. my summertime clothes will always point more toward my whimsical fashion side and my winter duds will always be more classic prep (i think that’s just the nature of heavy knits and sweaters anyway). and if you’re a girl who tends to wear geometrics and bold designs and find yourself lusting after a lacey lilac top, you should give it a try. but the more you can look at a style and say ‘that is so me‘ the more manageable pinpointing personal style becomes. 

all images and check out more of my personal style inspiration here!


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