that time that spring forgot to arrive

another snowy boulder night...

another snowy boulder night…

while the first day of spring was supposedly last week, i have a seriously hard time believing it.  a snowstorm on friday and saturday changed our weekend plans from big hikes and outside adventures to tucked-in and snuggled, but as much as i was bummed out at first, the weekend ended up being really fun and really relaxing (which is, after all, what weekends are all about). on saturday, Vince and i got to do some more exploring of our new town, starting off with an amazing breakfast at Snooze (the OMG french toast was totally worthy of it’s name… OMG!), and afterwords diving into various thrift shops and second-hand stores to finally begin the long process of making our little apartment our home. i only ended up buying an art print for our bathroom, but the excursion got the gears turning and i can’t wait to delve further into the home decor world.

the reason i can't get out of bed on sundays... look at those faces!

the reason i can’t get out of bed on sundays… look at those faces!

sunday was another easy going day, but i did complete a long run for marathon training in 25 degree weather and icy conditions… needless to say, i was starving by the time i got home and ordered about 4 times the amount of chinese food that anyone in their right mind would ever get. however, the lesson has been learned that the hungry, cold runner girl should never be left to her own devices when making dinner plans 😉

how was your weekend? i can’t wait until it actually feels like springtime around here! colorado weather is just as bizarre as vermont.


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