the basics brigade

striped tee & leggings.

is it just me or are there certain pieces in your closet that you pull out time and time again? don’t know what to wear? having an i-feel-like-crap-but-i-need-to-go-look-presentable moment? i always reach for the same couple outfits. what is it about that ratty gray t-shirt that i can’t get enough of (it’s moved with me across the country…twice)? that old pair of jeans i’m wearing out, despite the fact that i have about fifteen other pairs in my closet. or those black stretch trousers that i cried over when my dog chewed through the corner. for a girl who loves fashion so much, i have a pretty solid collection of must-have basics, and so i’ve decided to compile a list of them from you (which are almost entirely from J. Crew…they know how to do classic). that way, just in case, that favorite sweater of yours gets lost with your luggage, you can have hope that my list-o-basics could maybe come close help replace it.

cozy sweater & denim.

1. v-neck tee (i like J.Crew‘s vintage cotton tee, mine’s gray a.k.a. the most utilized shirt i have)
2. the fun striped long(er) sleeve tee (i’m all about J. Crew‘s rotating version of these, i have a sequined one from a few years ago i can’t get enough of)
3. a comfy, slouchy, cashmere pullover (J.Crew has this one covered too)
4. basic, solid button up (Splendid‘s double pocket, in white, is top for me)
5. the chambray (hands down Madewell‘s ex-boyfriend chambray is the best)
6. a classic blazer (the schoolboy blazer from J.Crew fits me well and lasts forever)

1. a straight-leg denim in a classic wash (mine are a pair of Seven‘s)
2. stretch black pants, not leggings (the minnie pant… what would i wear without you??)
3. black leggings (lululemon‘s wonder under… no muffin top from these bad boys!)

simple accessories & favorite basics. 

mix in some simple jewelry, a pair of Frye boots, a chunky scarf, and Ray-Ban sunnies and you have my basic basics. what are some pieces on your list?

images 1/2/3


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