sweatpants for the win

i just had one of those weekends that was so hectic that if i could just hit the do-over button, i would definitely shut myself in, put on some sweatpants, curl up with a book, and drink bottomless mugs of tea. but, since that wasn’t the case, i decided to put my thinking cap on and find a solution for the best of both worlds… a way to rock the sweatpants, in public, without looking like a total slacker. 

see? totally acceptable i think. new cold weather sunday morning wardrobe: found. especially that bag. i couldn’t be more obsessed…kate spade totally hit the nail on the head with that cheeky hashtag. the key to being publicly cozy is wearing sweats that are slightly tailored and slim legged so you don’t swim in them and look sloppy. also, keep accessories simple but still fun, to show you were capable of putting some effort in when you got ready that morning. a little sparkle nail polish goes a long way!

//hot pink down vest//cat-eye sunnies, so you can get away with minimal makeup//golden arrow earrings/ cozy cable knit sweater/ adorable pompom hat//gold glitter polish//aaaah, the acceptable sweatpants//hangover bag/ /warm winter boots//

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