frozen petals

i’m a girl who loves everything about fresh flowers: the bright colors, the intoxicating smell, the softness of the petals… i could go on and on. but it seems like every year in fashion as soon as the leaves fall, all things floral disappear. i’ve tried to make my summertime prints work in the colder months, but for whatever reason those pretty little flowers just look weird when paired with winter boots and a down jacket.

but oh, imagine my joy when i discovered these pants by Citizens of Humanity… a winter floral!!! and they made it in the ‘rocket,’ a high-rise jean that’s oh-so-soft and flattering, making it one of my favorites for the past couple years.
obviously, i sprinted right out and bought myself a pair of these awesome jeans. i’ve been pairing them with chambray shirts (like the way they were styled on CoH website), but also with chunky sweaters, boots, or high heeled booties. The muted gray-blue of the pants keeps them winter appropriate, but the rose pattern is a fun and flirty nod to the summer months to come. 

below i’ve posted some of the other great winter floral pants that i’ve seen since i bought the Citizens. i’m terribly infatuated with the pair by 7 for All Mankind. Which are your favorites? Do you have a favorite way to make florals work in the darker months?

{images via Shopbop}

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