i’m back!

fall running is my favorite: everything is so crisp!

well, i’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but it’s been twelve days since my last post, and i can’t say i have a very good reason for that other than the usual ‘i’ve been busy at work’ and ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day!’ so, i’m sorry about that. 

hopefully this marks a new start of more consistent posting… now that peak foliage is over {it was awesome this year, i think more so because i was in california last fall and missed it}, the days are getting shorter {noooooooooo}, and cold-ish weather is officially upon us, no more excuses for lack of blogging! 

to apologize, here are a few iphone snaps of what’s been taking up my time while not blogging… mostly a lot of dogs and some mountains. 

beautiful foliage, as seen from a hike earlier in the month.

taking my parent’s dog on a walk on a very rainy afternoon.

boyfriend and i are proud parents of this little pup, who happens to have a small obsession with apples.

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