haute hiking

as seen here, one of my favorite ways to spend time is hiking around the woods. lucky for me, i live near to both the green mountains and the adirondacks, so finding fun hiking trails isn’t too hard. one of my goals for the upcoming year is to do more overnight backpacking and explore other mountain ranges i haven’t had the chance to see yet. 

pumped up at the start of an awesome hike in utah. can’t wait to do more of this!

hiking (and outdoor activities in general) are not often considered particularly fashionable endeavors. however, i’m here to tell you that there are a lot of really cute (and still practical) gear that will make your nature adventure much more comfortable and therefore more fun. 

1. this jacket by Arc’teryx is great for fall hiking because it is both breathable (for the ascent) and warm (for chilly breezes at the summit). Arc’teryx gear is really light to carry and packs down pretty small if you end up getting too hot while you hike up.
2. a classic swiss army knife can help with many sticky situations, and it’s smart to always keep one (as well as a first aid kit) in your pack in case of emergencies.
3. a durable daypack like this one from Gregory is a hiking must have. It should be able to carry extra layers, water, snacks, bug repellent, and your trail map (also, in my case, dog treats for the pups). 
4. snacks. nothing tastes better to me than a smooshed pb&j sandwich and some fresh fruit on the top of a mountain. i also like baby carrots and sugar snap peas for a quick and tasty source energy. 
5. a large waterbottle is super important. even on a cold day, you need to be drinking tons of water on hikes in order to avoid dehydration.
6. i’m obsessed with wool socks. they are wicking, warm, durable, and comfortable, not to mention come in tons of colors and patterns. 
7. base layers, like this one from lululemon are essential for keeping your body dry while you sweat. i love these because they have anti-stink properties and come in such pretty colors!
8. a solid pair of hiking boots will get you through the day without being miserable because your feet are sore. i prefer ones that go to the ankle for added support. 
9. a comfy pair of workout tights to stretch all the ways you move and keep you warm.

so there you have it! do you like hiking? how to you keep fashionable on the trail?


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