inspired by: roadside blooms

yesterday was one of those days that was so rainy and grey that i was taken by complete surprise when out on a jog i encountered tons of vibrant colors among the roadside wildflowers. i don’t know if i just never noticed them when i was out before in the hazy heat that has become the norm this july, or if the most recent rainstorm inspired the blooms, but either way they were absolutely beautiful to me.

the lush greens, elegant queen anne’s lace, rich purple-y pinks, pops of orange, and pale blues of the wildflowers inspired the dream date look i created for my trip to new york this weekend. i’m absolutely in love with the sequin embellishments on the dress, and both of the bracelets are gorgeous in detail. here’s to everyone having a pretty and inspired weekend!
ponte boyfriend blazer/ emerald earrings/ embellished dress/ Tory Burch wallet/ floral gardens bangle/ meadow inspired bracelet/ Essie polish/ floral perfume/ Steven pumps

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