middle ground

hi all. sorry about the late posting today, i just got home from visiting the boyfriend in the adirondacks for the past couple days. you see, vin and i participate in what is somewhat-fondly referred to as a “medium distance relationship,” which basically means that we live close enough that we can drive to see each other, but far enough away that our differing schedules means sometimes we go weeks without spending time together. 

now, don’t get me wrong, we did the long distance thing for a while when i was living in california and the MDR is waaaaaay easier than the LDR. but, that doesn’t mean it’s any less crushing to leave him after getting to spend only a couple days together. and it doesn’t mean that i don’t go into a sort of panic sometimes wondering when we will be able to make the time to make the drive to reunite next. 

image source unknown

despite all this whining and complaining, it was wonderful to see him, and we did have tons of fun hiking and swimming and playing with our pup. it’s just that we are experiencing those 20-somethings growing pains, and it’s going to take some time until we have our feet under us and can be together-together again. i’m lucky to have such a good teammate as him and that this medium distance relationship is merely an interlude in our lives together.


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